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Worth reading

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Trades for 09/06/2006

I have struggled for quite some time now and tested different of what to post in my blog with regards to my watchlists and my trades. In a ideal world, I would like to post my trade ideas and watchlists early in the morning for everyone to see. The reality of my life is that the list is never ready in time and because I trade only part-time, it would be hard to be consistent.

So for the time being, I will post post-mortem type information, a recap of the trades of the day at night (when applicable). I acknowledge it will be a lot less interesting for the (few) readers but it is the best I can do for now. As time passes, I may find a better way to post a watchlist of sort every morning.

Type Sym Date-in Price-in Date-out Price-out
INT 08/30/2006 36.06 09/06/2006 35.82
  Hit stop on a down day
BID 08/30/2006 27.99 09/06/2006 27.33
  Hit stop on a down day
RAD 09/05/2006 4.26 09/06/2006 4.32
  Hit stop on a down day, saved some profits keeping stop tight

Key Principles

The same people seem to always be winning in different aspects of life. Why is it that someone succesfull in business, seem to have an easier time staying in shape and losing weight? I concluded that the same “key principles” are very portable and apply to various concepts. Here I will attempt to draw parallels between them.

1. Admit you have problem and stop blaming outside influences.

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Week Review

The last couple of weeks have worked out pretty well. Again, nothing to write home about but enought to keep my head above water. Of course, the market was pretty quiet so I was somewhat sheltered from heavy movement. I cannot wait to test my trades after Labor Day to see how things workout.

Today is a day off of sort. I will still watch my positions in case an exit pops up (since I have no orders out there to do it for me) but I not looking for anything new to add. I will review my charts and thighten my stops if need be.