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Trades for 09/19/2006

Can barely call those trades, more like emergency fire exits:

Type Sym Date/Price In Date/Price Out R-Mult
Hawk 09/18/2006 @ 10.91 09/19/2006 @ 10.60 -0.74R

Trades for 09/15/2006

A few more trades stopped out:

Type Sym Date/Price In Date/Price Out R-Mult
MMT 09/14/2006 @ 5.95 09/15/2006 @ 5.92 -1.40R
SRP 09/12/2006 @ 14.59 09/15/2006 @ 14.50 0.29R

Trades for 9/14/2006

A few more trades closed today. I actually opened a few for which I am very hopeful also. More on that later.

Type Sym Date-in Price-in Date-out Price-out R-Mult
CHINA 09/12/2006 5.62 09/14/2006 5.55 -0.37R

Worth reading

Some links worth following:

Trades for 9/13/06

Another one hits the stop. Again, I have a lot less positions open than I would like but my day job is keeping me busy which leaves me less time to follow my setups.

But overall, I am happy to finaly have a system that does not drain my account if it does not get constant attention. It make a lot less money than it could make but it doesn’t drain me either.

I like those trailing stops I have now and I like them very tight. Hitting a stop use to be somewhat of a negative event. With very wide stops, it usualy meant losing money. With my stops very close and moved in the direction of the trade every day, it locks in the profit and, like today, still leaves me with in the green instead and hitting me with a loss. I may be missing out on the biggest rally CHD will every see but atleast, that profit is in my pocket now and protected from the biggest drop CHD has ever seen.

Type Sym Date-in Price-in Date-out Price-out R-Mult
CHD 08/30/2006 37.87 09/13/2006 38.50 1.46

Worth reading

Here are a few links I found around that I thought where worth reading:

Trades for 9/11/06

Closed one more trade today, one who hit a stop order. I have very few positions left open. I stayed quiet this minutes as I was not sure how the market would react with all the minutes of silence for September 11th here and there.

I plan on looking for a few more good swing candidates tomorrow morning, from about 10am onwards.

Type Sym Date-in Price-in Date-out Price-out R-Mult
CCBL 09/07/2006 8.00 09/11/2006 7.20 -1.08R

Worth reading

Worth reading today, Friday September 8th 2006:

  • What’s the Next Action has a post about doing a brain dump, a great way to start getting organized. The post included a link to a PDF document containing a list of ‘trigger’ questions to help you make sure you get everything dumped.


NMTI surprise

I was watching NMTI from 8/21/08 and thought it looked like a classic swing between channels. It was coming down towards the EMA line from the upper channel, the Stochastics was turning up and crossing, giving a buy signal. I was ready to get in when NMTI crossed 11.50, which it did. It did work out very well since I sold NMTI yesterday at 14.15, a good 7.69R trade for me. Of course, all this had absolutly nothing to do with technical analysis and everything to do with the announcement on August 31st that NMTI got the big FDA approval they where waiting for to modify the main goal of a study (more on Reuters news). I wonder how many of these I can stumble across by shear luck while using a system that targets something else. Read More …

Trades for 09/07/2006

Trades for today, September 7th 2006:

Type Sym Date-in Price-in Date-out Price-out R-Mult
GTE 09/05/2006 0.52 09/07/2006 0.58 1.45R
NMTI 08/28/2006 11.36 09/07/2006 14.15 7.69R
GNSS 08/28/2006 13.39 09/07/2006 12.34 0.60R