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GIII – good trade but bad entry and exit

Here is a quick review of a recent trade on GIII. I got in on 4/11 @ 18.71 and got out on 4/19 @ 19.16. It is nothing to write home about since I only captured 0.45 out of a trend which spanned almost 3.00. The candidate itself was good and there a nice 5 day upswing to capitalize on, which is what I look a lot, but unfortunately, I missed my entry and my exit, leaving with only small gains.

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Follow up on LTD

I just recently realized a lot of my posts are for longer swing positions which sometimes require several weeks to setup and not quick day trades. To be a little more thorough, I will try to post follow-ups on the same symbols a couple of weeks after I mention them the first time. The first follow-up will be for LTD, a Wallstrip symbol I wrote about a month ago.

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