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More on why blog

I wanted to follow up my own post about Blog content. In it, I was commenting on Teresa‘s post about bloggers and the information (or lack of) blogs contain. I had two points:

  • blogs are not only for seasoned pros but for noobs as well
  • content of a blog is a lot of time personal so you have to be interested in someone’s personal comments, thoughts and reflexions to be interested in their blogs.

The third point I feel I forgot and that I wanted to mention today is the benefit from the blogs that bloggers themselves get Blogging is nothing more than public journaling. The public aspect make the blog information or entertainment but the journaling aspect is a huge benefit to bloggers themselves. Knowing you will have to publish something forces you (or me anyway) to analyze and structure your information or your system and review your trades. A lot of times, it makes you look at yourself the way the blog readers do which gives you a whole new perspective.

It may sound selfish but if writing the blog is good for the writer, blogs with limited content are not likely to go away anytime soon.

Blog content

Following Teresa‘s post on bloggers and the information blogs contain and Michelle’s reply on, I decided I should make a short comment. First, I am the proud writter of the perfect example of a blog Tereasa would hate and the reader of many of them. I also think two important aspects where forgotten here.

One, the market information on the web and the blogs are not only there for seasoned traders or market professionals. John Doe at home, who is just getting interesested in the market may be out there also, looking for answers to his million questions. To him, a blog which contains nothing interesting for Teresa may contain a wealth of information.

Second, the content of blogs is sometimes personal. Books and paid services have to provide a certain level of information. Something that is polished and ready for the masses. Blogs often contain information that is more personal like the thought process facing a particular problem. If you get to “know” a blogger, you may be interested in his toughts and his reactions to one topic or another.

I agree that not that many blogs contain good technical of factual information on the market but that doesn’t mean they don’t contain a lof valuable information for many.