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I could not let this day go by without marking it in some way. is now live and their first show is very entertaining. I find the clip to be just the right length too, enough to have content but not so long that I start doing other things while it plays.

Very nicely done and congratulations to the whole team!

Some more stuff found browsing around:

Worth reading on October 11th 2006

A few links I found browsing around:

Worth Reading on October 6th 2006

Here are a few links I found. Please take not I often publish this post as-is and edit it later to add more links as I find them. Is that bad blogging etiquette?

Worth reading

Here are a few links I found around that I thought where worth reading:

Worth reading

Worth reading today, Friday September 8th 2006:

  • What’s the Next Action has a post about doing a brain dump, a great way to start getting organized. The post included a link to a PDF document containing a list of ‘trigger’ questions to help you make sure you get everything dumped.


Worth reading

Worth reading out in the blogs today:

Worth reading

This is worth reading today: