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Inside Chinas Surreal Housing Bubble on 60 Minutes

This is a great 60 minutes piece on China’s housing bubble. The middle class is turning towards real-estate for investment so builders are constantly putting up new buildings, developments and cities. But with only a privileged few buying multiple apartments, there is nobody to occupy these new developments who remain ghost towns for months and years.

As a side question: what would happen to the world markets if the Chinese economy was to implode?

7 Ways to Manage Email So It Doesnt Manage You | LinkedIn

An excellent article by Jeff Weiner at LinkedIn about managing email. Having done IT for several firms, I’ve seen it all. From people who simply can’t keep track, with Inboxes full of thousands of unread messages, to people who over process and over categorize, ending up with one category for each thread and spending 75% of their time managing emails.

Jeff presents great tips in his full article here.


Struggling HFT Firms Focus On New Technologies – Wall Street & Technology

Take it from Norm Peterson,

It’s a dog eat dog world, Woody and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear.

Based on this piece from Melanie Rodier at WS&T, this is pretty how much how a lot of High Frequency fund managers are feeling these days. The drastic slowdown in equities and the low volatility has taking a toll on them:

Isn’t HFT Getting A Little … Nuts? – Wall Street & Technology

Greg MacSweeney

via Isn't HFT Getting A Little … Nuts? – Wall Street & Technology.

A nice article where Greg asks when the technology and costs will become too much compared to revenue for HFT for firms to continue participating in the game and/or stop joining in.

As the techno needs increase, we also have to keep in mind costs drop drastically for certain technologies. Some setups, only possible for large institutions are now available to more players. This changes the landscape as well.

Apple risks becoming niche player again – Therese Poletti’s Tech Tales – MarketWatch

This is a very interesting article and I could not agree more:

Not only is Apple at risk for a redo of the PC days, but I feel they somehow do it to themselves by attracting a lot of people in a high price niche market but they always on keeping their ecosystem very closed. So either you buy into the whole apple world or you drop out and have nothing to do with them.

At first it works magic, they trap consumers and keep them in their environment. But as alternative become a lot more attractive price wise, they lose the grip they had and people start breaking away.

Apple will always have a core a die hard fans, no question it. Even in their darkest times, they had a following. But I feel they are at risk of losing the masses to alternatives if they don’t open up more.

AAPL Chart

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